LG’s G Pad Shows Up, Flaunts an 8.3 Inch Display

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The company has recently announced its flagship smartphone LG G2 and now alleged image of their upcoming G Pad surfaces on the internet. It is fortunate to see this wonderful device soon after G2. Those who do not feel satisfied with the flagship phone can now opt for the bigger pad.

G Pad release and specs

LG G Pad has been in the rumor mill for the last few days and finally we are able to have a look at this dazzling gadget. The recently leaked press image shows this product quite decently. Now analysts are declaring LG as the follower of Samsung. This is because the former is trying to adopt the footsteps of the latter. Just as the Korean Giant introduced their flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, and then brought an attractive series of Galaxy Tab 3.

Likewise, LG is aimed to publicize its upcoming LG G Pad after launching the G2 smartphone. There are millions of users who like to use the products of this particular manufacturer and they would not think anything controversial about their favorite company. As far as our unbiased opinion is concerned, LG will earn a great prestige from its followers. This is because people love using its super-fast devices with vibrant and top-notch display characteristics.

The G Pad has got a lot of things in common with its little sibling, the G2. Even though the size is not the same, yet both of these products have many things in common. The company has adopted a good strategy to keep their products in a uniform pattern. In this way, users will not have to come across any unfavorable situation because almost the products will require the same way to operate. The differences lie in the field of camera and speaker placements. Other than this, everything seems to be likewise.

Nothing has leaked except the render and display size. However, we are quite hopeful that the G Pad will be announced officially at upcoming IFA. Keep connected with us to know more updates.

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