Image of Suspected Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Leaks Online

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Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 release date

Samsunga??s 10a?? tablets are getting pretty famous these days, but there are still some users who wish to get a tab with a bigger room. If you have been looking for an Android large device to work on, then get ready for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2. The alleged image of this particular product has been leaked on the internet and appears to be pretty simple yet attractive.

The suspected picture has been spotted on a Korean site a??MovePlayera??. The sole hitherto leaked photo shows a big screen device which is considerably larger than the current breed of 10-inch tablet. The home button is slight ridiculous due to its oversized shape. I think Samsung has considered it necessary to bring a jumbo tablet in order to create buzz among large tab users.

Now leta??s head toward the so far leaked specifications. According to the leak, the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 will have a 12.2-inch touchscreen with an amazing 2560×1600 panel. This is something that you must love to use in your routine work. It is assumed that the tablet will be running the hottest Android operating system with a bunch of built-in Google apps. This is all in order to grab the attention of users and make this forthcoming giant a great success of the era. Unfortunately, no further specs have been leaked along with the image. However, we are keeping an eye on the news related to this recently-unveiled device and will keep you fully updated.

Analysts have different opinions regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 and most people consider it to become this yeara??s Samsung flagship tablet. Hopefully, the monster product will grab some of the most outstanding specs and features in order to facilitate users in the best way. This month (September) has a wonderful importance when it comes to new devices. We will be catching on new launch events this month and you must stay in touch with us to be fully updated.

Source: Move Player I Via: Android Police


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