Acer ICONIA TAB (A series) – Affordability with Convenience

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In this world of high-tech gadgets, it is not easy for a user to afford an expensive desirable android tablet. There are very few tablets that have best features and can be obtained without spending a large amount of money.

Acer ICONIA’s TAB is 10.1-inch bright display tablet running android 3.0 OS. I know Android 4.0 is getting pretty prestigious nowadays. However, Acer’s ICONIA tablet is meant for those who are looking for an affordable android tablet. You can easily get this lovely tablet in less than $300.

A500 was just upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich and holds some gorgeous features such as dual-core processor (1GHz Tegra 2), 16GB of the internal storage, 1GB of RAM, 2 MP front-camera and 5 MP back camera with excellent picture quality.

The tablet can provide almost every great feature that is available within luxurious tablets of modern times. Users of Acer ICONIA have not experienced any major fault in this tablet. However, nothing can be said certainly regarding future performance of Acer ICONIA TAB. Users can easily make use of several great apps on this tablet without coming across any technical problem. So, you can enjoy great features of Acer’s tablet without going beyond your financial plans.



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