3 Best Android Tablets of 2014 – Nexus 7, LG G Pad and Xperia Z2

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Would you like to take a look at the best android tablets 2014?

You must be, only if gadgets clicks you off and on. Users need to know this because buying a reliable and fully workable device often become a difficult job for them. How is everything going if you are already using an android tablet? If okay, then there is nothing to be concerned. On the other hand, you might like to upgrade to another great tab of the year.

This piece of writing talks about the best android tablets of 2014, according to our and majority of the users’ opinion. So don’t take this personally at all.

Nexus 7


When it comes to pick up the best possible tablet running Google’s Android OS, Nexus lineup probably be the most deserving candidate. This particular tab brings whatever a user expects from a versatile gadget of the modern days. Play games, watch videos, get connected to the loved ones, enjoy web surfing and do a lot more all at blazing speeds.

LG G Pad

lg g pad series

If you have ever heard about LG, you must be familiar how superb they are when it comes to stunning touchscreen displays. The company has launched an entire series of G Pad tablets that offer a great value to Android enthusiasts. So if you are looking to select one for you, give this a try. All members of the G Pad family can be bought against a reasonable price, without getting out of budget.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tab

xperia z2 tablet

Verily, this is one of the best android tablets of 2014 because it has got several special features to make your days awesome. Apart from the dramatic display and contour, there are things inside that make this specific tab powerful and easy going for all types of users.

I didn’t think it appropriate to blow you away with a large post, so that’s why would like to end up with above three. Make your choice and stay connected!


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