22-Inch Android Tablet by Viewsonic

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Bigger is always perfect according to many people. Well, this phrase is not false all the time. ViewSonic is planning to launch a new 22-inch android tablet. They are sure that there is a great demand of big-sized tablets in the market. Due to this reason, they are fully enthusiastic to start working on the manufacturing of their upcoming 22-inch android tablet.

“Smart business tablet monitor” will be the title of viewsonic’s upcoming bigger tablet. As it is clear from its title, the tablet will serve business people mostly. However, normal users are not confined to use their old small tablets but they can also take pleasure in using this cool large android tablet.

Consumers of tablets have shown both negative and positive attitude towards this upcoming invention. This fore coming release will not be very much dissimilar from Toshiba’s Excite 13 as it has a 13-inch display. The difference among these two tablets will fall in size but not very much in features. Nevertheless, Viewsonic’s 22-inch tablet will be ideal for entertainment and media.

I must say that big things are meant for big people. So, people having big ideas will surely like to have this tablet for their business needs.


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