Todoist for Anroid Manages your Tasks Amazingly

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Being a human, we need to manage lots of tasks in our routine. Luckily, the modern technology brings several modes of convenience through which a user can simplify his responsibilities. Now your smartphone is enough to manage the entire list of tasks that you have to perform.

“Todoist for Android can serve you right where you need it, such as on mobile phone, browser, tablet, desktop, Gmail and more.”

Get ready to be shocked to know that more than 1.3 million users are enjoying Todoist for Android across the globe. If you also wish to bring ease into your life, then checking out this great app won’t ask for anything.


We have picked this up for today’s app because it really works in accordance with the users’ expectations. Many other renowned platforms on the internet have recommended and praise its usefulness. My perception says that you will also fall in love with this after reading the key features below.

Todoist Main Highlights:

  • Get rapid notifications for new comments and updates
  • Assign tasks, share projects and collaborate with each other
  • Become fully organized by utilizing recurring dates, due dates, sub projects, colored projects, sub tasks and task priorities.
  • Add different tasks from any application by sharing with Todoist app
  • Save todo list to cloud storage at
  • Automatically sync tasks on all gadgets
  • Plan your days coming ahead with normal scheduling
  • Manage tasks even when you are offline


There is a bunch of features more to keep your satisfied with its functioning. Those who wish to get something extra out of this can opt for the premium account that brings a load more along.

Do you want to be organized?

Click the below to link to grab now!

Download Todoist for Android


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