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Folks always consider it very important to get in touch with the news coming from all around the world. This is because staying up to date with the worlda??s happenings helps people understand global scenario. Users always opt for the finest journalism so that the quality of information they get can be justified.

The modern era is dedicated to gadgets and everyone today owns a smartphone or tablet, which is more than a simple feature phone. Days seem to be missing when newspapers were the point of attraction for all. People nowadays prefer getting all the readable stuff right on their phones and tablets.

NYTimes Android WIdget

NYTimes for Android is a good news platform from where you can get authentic and rapid information, not only from US but from all around the world.

A question might hit your mind with a confusing statement a?? a??why to opt for NYTimes when there are several other great news portals are available?a??

Well, this is something that you should never compromise on. Always opt for the app that you think is the best for stimulation. I have often heard people telling about the things that they are through with. This is why I would never recommend you pick up anything unconsciously. Wait, think and analyze before you make a final decision.

Our todaya??s choice, NYTimes for Android, has been selected due to some of its catchy features which you might not find in other similar apps. It lets you get the customized content they have been looking for. What else you can go over?

NYTimes Mobile Android

Prominent Features of NYTimes:

  • Be the earliest to know about every event with the help of breaking news alerts.
  • Customize the content experience using customized widgets.
  • Rapidly share, navigate and enjoy the worlda??s famous citizen journalism and multimedia from NYTimes.
  • Now read out the text more conveniently and save important article to your device to read later on.
  • Sit back at your comfortable posture and get your articles read loudly with text to speech feature.
  • Select the a??Night Modea?? to read more conveniently during the nighttime.
  • Feel the real interactive study where you can contribute, view and add.

Ocean is left behind when I am done with explaining this. Now it is up to you to explore the tidbits of this cozy app. hit the red link below to have it on your Android too!

Free Download NYTimes for Android


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