What makes Android KitKat and Nexus 5 Catchy?

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KitKat Android 4.4

Google always brings some exciting and useful products for its fans and Nexus 5 is the hottest and inspiring device to date. There are many important things that make it one of the most exciting devices available at present.A?Android KitKatA?is top of the piles when it comes to usefulness and novel things added to the product. However, this article is going to show you highlights that make it a stimulating smartphone of the modern age.

Hangouts SMS Integration

SMS Integration

Google has updated the Hangouts version to 2.0. The feature has now been updated as a default SMS app on the new Nexus 5. Do not take it lightly because this is a really big improvement that will enhance your messaging experience. User interface has also been improved in order to make the communication better between your friends and family. So get ready to enjoy the smoother user experience that you might have never enjoyed anywhere else.

Camera Features

Taking pictures with smartphone has always been one of the priorities of Android users. Every device nowadays comes with a good quality camera in order to deliver the best photography experience. If you wish to capture the precious moments, then Nexus 5 camera will help you in a great way. All the necessary features required for good photography have been included in the device. So you will not have to come across any problem while taking snaps. Among highlights there are optical image stabilization, HDR, autofocus, LED flash and a lot more. In fact,A?Android KitKatA?brings more variety to snapper.

Redesigned Clock Application

clock App

Days have gone when people used to wear wrist watches to be fully updated with the passing seconds. Though wrist watch is a good way to make your personality good, yet people rely more on mobile phones to see time. Google understands the importance of every second and thata??s why provided users with a completely redesigned clock app that delivers time updates in a more eye-catching way.

Additional UI Improvements


LG and Google both have worked collaboratively to make the new Nexus worthwhile for every user. There are many additional user interface enhancements that will facilitate you while using different sorts of features and utilities. Try different homescreens to bring a slight change to device. This also makes you feel great by providing numerous beautiful widgets.

This is not end at all, but there are many other things that you will explore after using the Nexus 5 with the latestA?Android KitKatA?Operating System.


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