LG Lucid 2 Complete Review

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LG Lucid 2 now available through verizon at affordable price

LG Lucid 2 has great importance among other Android Smartphones available within the market. The handset has got a wonderful regard from Verizon. With a fantastic fanfare-free launch, modest specs, and budget-friendly price tag, you might not consider the LG Lucid 2 a big thing for Verizon.

However, we cannot ignore the immense importance of the LG Lucid 2 as it is a reputable device from the company. Those who cannot afford to purchase any expensive device should take benefit of getting the reasonably priced LG Lucid 2.


The famous Lucid 2 has made a great contribution in making the Android mobile operating system a great success. Actually, getting this Smartphone for just $200 through the Americaa??s largest wireless carrier is not a bad deal.

Although there are several types of Smartphones that have solid specs and appearance. However, they are also available at high prices and it might not be possible for a common user to purchase such an expensive device for personal use. We recommend you to analyze your budget and then look for a device.

Whata??s Good about the LG Lucid 2?

  • Shiny surface inside and outside
  • 4.3a?? display stunning and pocket-friendly
  • Snapdragon 4 Processor
  • Jelly Bean

Whata??s bad?

Final statement

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The LG Lucid 2 is striking in many ways, no matter its on contract or free. It is a good device for an average consumer as its price tag is not beyond afforadability. If you have been looking for an inexpensive, but workable Smartphone then purchasing the LG Lucid 2 should be one of your priorities.

However, it is up to you whether to buy this phone or not, after all, you would have to pay for this.


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