Kung Fu Quest Android Game Review

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Are you inspired by Kung Fu Quest?

Here is a chance to turn your dream into reality because the fighting expedition is now on the go.

KungFu Quest The Jade Tower

Kung Fu Quest Android is a game full of action and things that you love to do on a fighting platform. Please bear this in your mind that fighting in the street or college is not a good thing, but you can try hostile skills to explore the combat character inside you.

Finally this contest comes to your mobile device. Those who have experienced the great gameplay of Kung Fu fighter must be aware of the amazing skills. Most people think that game of this genre mostly relate to the Chinese culture. Surely, this sort of fight definitely routes toward the Chinese tradition, however, now being learnt all across the globe. You can modify the characters to beat the enemies in the very first attempt. In this way, they will not be able to throw you out of the arena.


Multiple great features make the app worthwhile for every kind of user. To make your concepts clear, check out the below highlights:

Kung Fu Quest Features

  • 37 full of challenging levels, 8 beautiful themes comprising 8 intense boss fights
  • List of various strike moves allow lets you set great fighting combos and moves to match the fighting style of yours.
  • No difficult virtual D-Pad, you will be able to play the game without getting indulge in anything else.
  • Character modification and upgrades
  • Replay game in different difficulty levels to add more enthusiasm to the current theme.

There are many other great things to observe while playing the qung fu quest. In order to defend yourself in a decent way, try skills that you think are perfect to beat up the enemies. Below is the link through which you can grab the game for free.

Kung Fu Quest Free Download


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