HTC One 2014 vs HTC One 2013 – All That You Need to Know

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HTC One comparison video

HTC One was a big gadget of the year 2013 and it made Taiwanese manufacturer stand out when the entire company was on the verge of failure. They tasted the scrumptious bites after a long time.

Good thing to know this time is the arrival of all new HTC One (2014) edition which is about to announce. Some American carriers have already publicized to offer the device minutes after the official announcement. This is something that folks did not expect from the US carriers.

You must not overlook the importance of HTC One 2014 vs HTC One 2013 edition comparison because it will let you know the real difference that you should actually know about.

The techsmartt offers a great video comparing both the devices in a decent way. Hopefully, all the discrepancies in your mind will be cleared after watching this video.

In this video, you can see the great differences of hardware and software without getting stuck at any point. Although written information sometimes does not bring things that one could be willing to know about, yet video delivers everything ringing the bell.

It is believed that HTC One 2014 vs HTC One 2013 can give rise to a technological revolution which might not end up with a blink of an eye. If HTC really did well to deliver some great difference in terms of hardware and software, then people will consider switching from the existing One to the new one. Anyhow, this is only possible when the ‘all new’ htc one sports enjoyable stuff that users missed in the previous version.

One thing that I would like to highlight here is the round shape of the recently-out phone. It is a little bit longer and smoother in shape when compared to the predecessor. However, people have different preferences when it comes to smartphone purchase. Watch this video and take your time to understand the things that changed.


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