Gravity Guy – Android App Review

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Gravity Guy – Android App Review

How many physics lovers are viewing this post?

No matter whether you like physics or not, the Gravity guy app is especially designed for the entire android community. Play this game with every type of android device including, tablets and Smart phones.

Are still stuck into gravity laws?

“Revive your study period by experiencing the fanatic gravity adventure. No one is here to stop you, not even gravity.”

The game is all about those places where gravity laws do not work. A brave guy is intended to defy the rules and he may not budge from his mission. He is always on the go and do not care about what happens as a result of his braveness.

Gravity Guy Android

Daring style and fantastic super powers have made him the “Gravity Guy.” You might be thinking that he is free to move anywhere due to the lawlessness of gravity. Let me inform you that all the gravity troops are chasing the guy and trying their level best to arrest him.

Well, the gravity guy is far away from their approach because he possesses some extraordinary powers. The dexterity of this boy is worth seen because he acts very cleverly and gives no chance to the enemies.

Gravity guy android app

He needs to keep on running without any pause in the unknown worlds.  The fast paced gravity guy will never let you get fed up because its enchanting gameplay keeps you engaged for hours.

Would you like to escort him in this journey which is full of challenges?

Only those would dare to accompany him who really has a deep desire to do something meaningful in life. I am quite sure that all of you are fully intended to take pleasure in this unexplored expedition.

About 30 challenging levels offer different amusement stages and all the 3 worlds are unseen in this trip. So, get ready for the action packed entertainment and leave the anxiousness behind.

Gravity Guy


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