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100 ballz android app

How about having an android app that penetrate fun into your mind?

Yep, we have this kind of game that you can install to enjoy the ultimate entertainment on your Android smartphone or tablet. The goal of 100 ballz android game is to simply get all the balls via glass by opening the gate carefully. Though it seems a bit easy, but actually not.

100 ballz

If you wish to get through all the levels, then it will take a couple of times. The great thing is that you will be rewarded for each ball that passes by. All balls have different colors and the number of points depend upon the color that you get down.

Remember if you glass misses the ball, it disappears. When a player lose all the balls, the game is completely over. All the aspects give a nice impression about the game as you can enjoy interesting sound and graphics. This is what makes the gameplay too addictive even for the new players.

Do not take this too easy because the difficulty and the speed increases with the level advancement. So be prepared to face more adverse circumstances coming in the next level. The 100 ballz Android also offers facility to share the results on Facebook and get prominent place on the leaderboard.

The app is absolutely free to download and install, so you can easily grab it from the Google Play Store to bring excitement to the Android device that you own. Below is the link to grab it right away.

Get it from the Play Store.


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