YouTube Offline Streaming Detailed

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youtube offline streaming features

Have you heard about YouTube offline streaming so far?

If not, then be informed that the mega video website will stream videos even if you are not connected to the internet.

Most internet users prefer to access YouTube for watching their desired videos. This is the top video website on the internet and people from all around the world enjoy watching their favorite video content on it. Now this wonderful site is going to offer you something more entertaining. Yes, now you will be able to stream videos even if your device is not connected to the net. This is an amazing thing which will stimulate you to watch more and more videos.

This new feature is meant for mobile devices and works just like “pre-loading”. First you will have to select the specific videos that you wish to watch offline. Google has not provided us with a handful of facts about its functioning and we are a bit curious to see how it does it worked. Below are some expectations from YouTube offline streaming.

  • Users can pick “add to device” to get videos streamed for offline viewing
  • YouTube videos will not be free of ads
  • The new update does not apply to TV shows/movies for rent or sale
  • No description of music videos
  • Content creators will have to cop out even if they do not like to have this feature
  • Users have only 48 hours to check in to continue watching offline videos

These are some of the most exciting and worth knowing facts that every user must be aware of.  If you wish to continue with YouTube Offline streaming feature, then you should have some know-how about how it works.

Let us inform you that the feature is expected to go live sometime in November. So get ready to enjoy your favorite videos offline.


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