Yellow Nexus 5 to be Available in Future

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Googlea??s smartphone series bring some of the most outstanding features and functions for its users. The hottest device is the Nexus 5 that wins hearts of many users from all around the world. It is available in a number of attractive color options.

Now it is being said that the yellow Nexus 5 will be hitting the market shelves in the near future. If you remember, we had a glimpse of the Nexus 5 yellow editiona??s back side in January. After this hue was leaked, the red one got launched officially even though the former was exposed earlier.

Yellow Nexus5

Luckily, the yellow Nexus 5 has been caught on the official Android website. The specific color option is clearly mentioned in the description of the device which should be really good news for those who love to have the smartphone in this beautiful and attention-grabbing hue.

Users expect to see the yellow color option just like the yellow bumper case that Google sells on nits Play Store. On the other hand, this should at least in accordance with usersa?? tastes and interests. Please be informed that it has not been officially confirmed so far. We will let you know once the source provides some official information in this regard.

If you are kind of impatient person, then you may purchase the yellow bumper case for now. This will make your Nexus 5 look yellow and also you wona??t have to wait until the official yellow color option goes live.


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