Yandex Russian Search Engine Now Steps in to Smartphones

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Why more and more business thinking to step in the tech industry?

Just like many other companies, Yandex which is the largest search engine operating in the Russian Federation now decides to come into Smartphone arena.

They have announced that two major smartphone manufacturers will sell Android mobile phones with their pre-installed service of Yandex.

Now people in Russia will be able to take more advantage of Yandex’s efficient services. If you wish to browse the web in a better way, then option for a reliable search engine is imperative. There is no need to check dozens of search engines available on the internet, you can opt only for the ones with reliable search results.

Just imagine that Yandex’s search, browser, cloud storage, maps and store with more than 100,000 apps will be default options on 2 famous phones, to be manufactured by world-famous companies Huawei Technologies and ZAO Explay. These phones will be available for purchase in Russia in March.

The company is actually trying to make its root stronger in the country, and in order to achieve this goal they will need to take a few important steps like the one they just tool.

Here bear this into mind that the smartphones that Yandex is planning to hover on will be Android ones. So do not mess up with those having operating systems other than Google Mobile’s Android.

You will be shocked to know that Yandex grabbed 62% of the Russian search market while the Google holded 27% as per the Moscow-based researcher.

Yandex Russain Search Engine never compromises on the quality of refined search that they provide to the web surfers.

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