Xperia Sp Now Available For Pre-Orders In US

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Xperia SP pre-orders in US

Finally, the pre-order books for the famous Xperia SP has been opened in the United States. You can register to get the device as soon as it becomes available within the market. The Xperia SP is also available at Sonya??s online retail store for a price tag of $489.99.

The aforesaid price is for the Unbranded or unlocked device. Most of the users like to use unlocked Smartphones because of their multiple benefits. In this way, they will not have to be bounded by the carrier restrictions. Instead, the users can enjoy the freedom of using a fabulous Android device.

We old you last month that both Xperia SP and L were available for pre-orders in the Europe. It meant the device goes earlier in the Europe and the people of US gets it later. However, it is good to see the devicea??s availability in the United States.

sony xperia sp

The Xperia SP was announced back in March with a complete list of specs and features. If you wish to review the specifications of this particular device, then follow the link given above. The US version of the Sony Xperia SP will come with 3rd category LTE support. Due to this reason, the device will work quite nicely with AT&Ta??s expeditious network.

If you wish to enjoy the best internet and network connectivity on the looming Xperia SP, then place a pre-order now. A?US pre-orders of the device are expected to ship on 20th May. We suggest you to check the detailed review of the Smartphone before making the ultimate purchase decision.

Sony has always manufactured quality products for its customers and thata??s the real reason behind the overnight success of this technology giant. The Xperia SP will be available in black and white colors. So, consider your favorite color while going for a pre-order.



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