Winners of Global Mobile Awards 2014 a?? Phones, Gadgets and Manufacturer

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This time around we have seen some good technological products at the Global Mobile Awards. Those who have been awarded really deserved the respect. However, there must be some opposing groups who consider the awards based on unfair decisions.


One thing that you most people are still searching for is the winners of Global Mobile Awards 2014 and if you are also one of those, then you have landed on the right page. Below is the handsets and devices that have been declared as the prominent products for the past year.

HTC One a?? Best Smartphone

Manufactured by the Taiwanese manufacturer, this handset is based on quality specs and stylish contour. The device has got a great appreciation from all around the world and there is a lot to talk about its nicely-crafted design and amazing-rich features.


The HTC One has not only sold widely in the entire Europe, but also done a good business in the rest of the countries including the United States and many Asian markets. Nevertheless, the main thing that make it awesome is the slim and sleek design with rather solid outfit.

You can know more about this phone by clicking here.

Nokia Lumia 520 a?? Best Low Cost Smartphone

Nokia Lumia

Budget buyers have found the Nokia Lumia 520 as their life companion because this affordable device offers everything that they expect in any adorable phone. Sporting a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display, the Lumia 520 is great for recording the life moments with its 5MP rear camera that comes with LED flash.

Discover more about Nokia Lumia 520.

Nokia 105 a?? Best Entry Level Phone

nokia 105

Although the modern age appreciates smartphones with great specs, yet the need of entry level phones can never be overlooked. There is a great demand for such Featurephones all over the world. This is why Nokia 105 has been declared as they best entry level handset for 2014. The phone is very tough, good looking and long lasting to offer long-lasting connectivity.

Here is what else it offers a?? Nokia 105

LG – Most Innovative Device Manufacturer for the Year

lg logo

This is something on which we can prolong a debate because people have different manufactures in mind whom they would vote for. However, one thing that is accepted globally is the elegance and innovation of the devices made by a??LGa??. Thus, this Korean manufacturer has been announced as the best innovative device manufacture for the year.

See what LG has to offer nowadays.

Apple iPad Air – Best Mobile Tablet


How something can else be more dominant here than Applea??s iPad Air. Surely, the Air gives what it pose to deliver to its users. Thata??s the reason why this catchy tablet was the center of attraction among the winners of global mobile awards 2014.

Check this out

To know more about the extensive list of winners from other categories, you can visit the official website.


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