Water-resistant Galaxy S4 Might Be On Its Way

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water-resistant galaxy s4 coming soon

IP57 certification of the Sony Xperia Z makes it dominating over the famous Samsung Galaxy S4. This specific guarantee actually grants Sonya??s product the water and dust resistance. This is one of the most important things that a device of modern times must have.

a??The Water-resistant Galaxy S4 is about to hit the market soon and this would be a great option for those who have been looking for a water repellent version of Samsunga??s flagship.a??

The far-waited Smartphone is coming in a few weeks and the device would make its first appearance very soon. What you need to do is to simply be patient until the company announces some official data regarding their upcoming Water-resistant S4.


Just like the famous Sony Xperia Z, the Water-resistant Galaxy S4 will also be a great success for the company. We are also very curious to see the new sibling of the Samsunga??s flagship phone.

During a question and answer session, the president of Samsung Gulf (Young Soo Kim) was asked about Samsunga??s water-resistant devices.

Young Soo Kim has said that they are working on a Water-resistant Galaxy S4 and would release the Smartphone soon.

We have come to know about such type of device for the first time and this is a great experience to see such a marvelous deice with Water-resistant capability.

There are no official sources who contributed this piece of information. Thata??s why you will have to take it with a pinch of salt. However, we will definitely let you know if there is something official available regarding the Water-resistant Galaxy S4.

Would you like to purchase the water-resistant Galaxy S4?

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