Verizon HTC One Remix to Release on July 27 – Rumors

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htc one remix

The Taiwanese manufacturer released its HTC One Mini 2 in May, but we have been wondering what does the company has to release in the United States. Anyhow, customers in America always wish to get the handset first but indeed they have to wait for an unspecified time.

It has just been revealed by @evleaks that the HTC One Mini 2 is coming to the States dubbed as the Verizon HTC One Remix on next Friday, July 27. So ita??s a time of merry making if you have been waiting for the mini version to be available around your neighborhood.

This particular smartphone has been quite a few times over the past few weeks. It is said to come with a 4.5 inches touchscreen display plus a bunch of cutting-edge features. The release date is on the verge and you dona??t need to wait for an extended time period.

According to the information leaked so far, the HTC One Remix might be coming with an extra GB of RAM on board. This could be just to add a bit faster speed to the handseta??s performance. This is a good addition in order to make the Verizon HTC One Remix a bit extra performer for its fans in the United States.

The build-quality is stunning as usual and there should be no question about it. However, the performance needs to be checked out after the device is officially available through the Verizon stores in the country. It is still a part of rumor mill, so take this with a pinch of salt.


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