Verizon HTC One Max Release Date and Price

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HTC One price and release date

HTC One has broken the sales records and become one of the most happening smartphones of the modern era. The big brother of this flagship device, HTC One Max, is going to hit market shelves before so long. Indeed, lots of online retail stores have started taking pre-orders for this specific phone.

Nevertheless, majority of people want to know about the Verizon HTC One Max price and release date. It is worth mentioning that the carrier has been working on the concept store at the famous Mal of America. Pricing details for the upcoming Verizon HTC One Max was revealed accidently at one of the newly-installed display tables.

If you wish to know about the pricing of the product, then you will not have to wait for so long because we have obtained some important information. The image at the top of this post was seen on the VZWs new table.

Are you amazed to see this price tag? Some people might think that the carrier is trying to make a fool out of them. We cannot say anything certainly about the pricing given in the image above. If price in the image proves to be true, then you will be able to get the device for just $299.99 with a two year contract. There is nothing to worry about the down payment because its zero. However, you will have to pay monthly installment of $24/month.

Remember, the above pricing details are only for the Verizon customers. If you wish to get the same device through any other carrier, then be patient until more details come out of the box.

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