Turn Apps Android to Mac with Bluestacks

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If you are a Mac operating system user now you would have facility to convert an Android application for your Mac OS, however the users running iOS apps on Apple devices they have not this facility yet.

This initial step has been taken by Bluestaks as the beta versions of Android to Mac app are available for free, that can be downloaded by the Mac users.

The users of Mac operating system can download the app from Google Play Store and connect it Android to Mac operating system. In an earlier version of Bluestacks that was just for Mac users only ran a few preinstalled Android apps.

The window users of Bluestaks for Android apps that was launched in March 2012, and it seems that over 5 million windows desktop users have installed the application. So, this Android to Mac sync would be another breakout application by the same company.

It is also seems that a large number of people are not using their Smartphone apps on their PC’s, however, the software and applications provided by Bluestakes have ability to run an app with no desktop equivalent.

If we see on the Instagram photo application it is not possible that we can run it without iOS or our Android device but their applications provide you info about how to mount android to Mac.

I think this application would be a gift at the end of 2012, as there are many New Year applications available on Google Play store and that was just for Android OS users however, this app facilitate Mac users to enjoy with New Year’s Android applications.


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