T-Mobile Xperia Z Marked, Allegedly In The Testing Phase

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T-Mobile xperia z image leaked

Waiting for the T-Mobile Xperia Z?

T-Mobile must be getting ready to offer the world-famous Sony Xperia Z as the device has been spotted with T-Mobile branding. This is a good sign for those who like to get devices through this particular mobile carrier.

Although other prominent phone carriers operating within the United States have offered the phone with attractive contract plans, yet users like to hear something good from T-Mobile. If you are also one of the waiters, then be ready for the bang.

We should let you know that no official information from Sony or T-Mobile is obtained regarding T-Mobile Xperia Z. Therefore, we cannot say anything for sure about the launch of new Xperia Z.

Everyone is eagerly looking toward both of these companies to know about the official announcement. However, it might take a few more days to reveal the product.

Well, today we have something special for you that is the leaked image of T-Mobile Xperia Z. the source has confirmed that the Sony Xeria Z is in testing phase. However, there is no guarantee that the device will soon hit the store shelves.

The Sony Xperia Z is the current flagship phone of Sony and already available in diverse markets. T-Mobile is going to collect a killer selection of Smartphones for the potential buyers. It means the lovers of this particular mobile carrier must be feeling happy due to the upcoming wide range of gorgeous handsets.

The carrier is offering a very affordable package for those who intend to purchase the T-Mobile Xperia Z. Other prominent devices such as HTC One & Samsung Galaxy S4 are also available on this helpful carrier. So, select your match and starting using your favorite Smartphone today.

Source: tmonews


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