T-Mobile Htc One S Gets A Minor a??Security Improvementa?? Update

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Keeping your Smartphone perfectly updated means you are always up-to-date. Mobile phone carriers send different improvement or bug fix updates time and again. It is true that everyone gets excited whenever hears about any OTA advancement moving toward their devices.

a??T-mobile htc One S is getting a little update to enhance the security and protection functions.a??

You might have expected a little bit more from this over-the-air update, but it really brings nothing except the safety improvement. So, there is no more need to get too much enthusiastic in this regard.

t mobile htc one s now gets security update

Just like previous times, you are required to meet some basic requirements to download this update. It is nothing new this time, have battery at least 50%, unrooted system, stock, blah blah blah.

The update is about 49MB in size which is not too big for your T-Mobile htc One S. Such type of small update can easily be grabbed to your phone without waiting for so long. You can install it as soon as see this in the notification bar.

One thing that you would feel with the latest T-Mobile One S update is the foolproof security assuring the 100% protection. The update has started rolling out and would be on the go until 28 February. In this way, the users have enough time to get the security enhancement elements.

Therefore, do not get worried if it has not come to your T-Mobile htc one S because a lot time is still remaining.

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