T-Mobile 2G Network Converting to 4G LTE a?? New Video Ad

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T Mobile 4G

Using the best mobile network is imperative because without having proper coverage a user will not be in a position to stay connected with loved ones. Different famous network carriers are operating within the United States, however, a couple of these perform far better than the others when compared.

T-Mobile is a big name when targeting the smartphone industry in US. The company has served its users with lots of useful and interesting things over the past few years.

“Finally, T-Mobile 2G Network converting to 4G LTE which is an awesome thing to observe.”

Now those using the 2G/EDGE service will be upgraded to the speedy 4G LTE network in order to deliver better performance to modern day people.

According to the carrier, 50% of the upgrades will be accomplished by the end of the current year and the rest of the project will be completed by the middle of 2015.

The entire upgrade process is expected to meet its end substantially. It is quite astonishing to see that T-Mobile has grabbed 210 million customers in more than 270 markets and this is no less than a big achievement.

There is no word available on when the update process going to initiate, however, this should not take too long if 50% of the customers are to be upgraded by the end of 2014.

Below is the short new commercial ad that will depict how the carrier says it is the best and most famous among Americans.

See the below video and let us know your opinions on this unexpected promotion.

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