Steve Walker, Chief Marketing Officer of Sony Mobile, Will Resign Following Month

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steve walker sony mobile chief marketing officer resigning next month

Sony is a prestigious name when it comes to the tech industry. Millions of users have addicted stunning and useful devices made by this prominent manufacturer. Well, Steve Walker is the guy who made a wonderful contribution to make the company a big success.

Thata??s the reason why he is considered an achievement factor for Sony. The shocking news for most of us is that he is going to resign from his job, expectedly next month.

Steve Walker has given 17 years of his life to make Sony a world-class mega company. A new guy, Jacob Sten, is ready to take on his responsibilities. However, we really do not have enough information about the newcomer.

Under Steve Walkera??s captainship, the company has achieved several beautiful awards and goals during the last two decades. He is the man who is preferably responsible for transitioning the infamous Sony Ericson to a brand-new Sony Mobile. This was a commendable work done by the chief marketing officer.

He has also worked harder behind the scene for the success of the a??Made of Imagination.a?? A glorious device, Sony Xperia Z which is going to be launched next month is one of his admirable tasks.

For those, who do not know anything about Z, I would like to mention that it was announced back in the consumer electronics show last month. It is a lovely phone with 5a?? screen, 2 GB of RAM, quad-core processor and a 13MP rear-facing camera.

There is a great enthusiasm in users regarding the launch of this tremendously superb Smartphone. Well, another phone Sony Xperia Zl will also be announced shortly. It also gets cool specs and features to entertain the android community.

Sony will have to make tight strategies compete with its rivals because competition has become very tough. Steve Walker would be not with his designation next month.


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