Sprint Push to Talk Support Now Available for 6 More Devices

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Sprint Push to Talk functionality has been serving its users for so long. I must say this has had this feature even more than Androida??s life. So this is not something new when we talk about this famous network carrier working across the United States.

It would worth letting you know that the feature is not as famous as it used to be. By the way, this is not something that can discourage Sprint from adding support for more devices. The carrier seems to be affirm in its decisions and never gets back once intend to go upright.

A recent update to official Android app brings complete support for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G Flex, LG G2, Kyocera Hydro Edge and LG Optimus F3. Wait, this is not just the end as support for more devices is coming soon.

You will be glad to know that support for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Sprint Spark Galaxy S4, Galaxy Mega is not too far away from now, as per the carriera??s latest reports.

To know more details on the concerned matter, you can visit the Sprint Newsroom. Hope it helps!


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