Sprint 4G LTE Availability Expanded to 34 New Markets

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Sprint 4G LTE Expanded to 34 new markets

Sprint 4G LTE service offers a better data transferring speed over the internet and users of this network carrier love to use its services on the go. It takes advantage of the better coverage when compared to other AT&T and Verizon. Another important thing that makes it a better service provider is the exceptional speeds. Fortunately, the company is now spreading its availability across the country to make it at home for everyone.

“You will be glad to know that the company has just announced the Sprint 4G LTE availability in 34 new markets. So that total number has risen from 151 to 185.”

This news update has given users from Oregon, Midwest, Pennsylvania and North Carolina a new reason to put a smile on their face. With the latest availability expansion, users will be able to enjoy a better connectivity throughout the region without facing any kind of lag issues. Those who live in the city areas do not come across any major problem while using the Sprint 4G LTE services. However, the situation becomes adverse somewhere in the remote areas.

Nevertheless, the carrier has taken initiative to provide better services to everyone, no matter where he/she lives. Now you must be eagerly looking toward the list of new markets that Sprint has recently taken on.

a??Sprinta??s Thirty Four New Markets:

If you wish to check out the complete list of Sprint 4G LTE markets, then click here. Pittsburgh still does not appear in the list and I feel sorry for the users living out there.

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