Sony Xperia Z2 Works after Staying Underwater for Six Weeks?

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Kind of a shocking news, right?

I was also stunned when I first came to know about this. We all know that water-resistance is an important feature of the majority Xperia smartphones. Other big names under this feature also should not be omitted as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has also done a wonderful job with its waterproof contour.

When it comes to the basic or standard measures, most of the water-resistant devices can stay under water for half an hour up to 1.5 meters of depth. On the other hand, a new story just comes up on the internet and shocks everyone who’s using a smartphone.

Someone dropped its Sony Xperia Z2 in the water and didn’t pick up for about 6 weeks. After this quite a long period, the phone was fully working when picked up. If the alleged story is true, then this is a very big achievement for the company itself. People are going to be crazy about already launched and the upcoming xperia handsets.

Just imagine a phone remained under 10 meters of salt water for the whopping six weeks, and still working as a regular phone. Though the physical damage made it look a bit horrible, yet all functions and features are working as expected. Wait, you should not be trying this by yourself as the news could be suspected.

One thing that is a bit difficult for me to digest is that how a phone can get a crack on it even when dropped under water. We all know that water reduces resistance and if the phone was dropped, it should not be having a big crack on it. This is something that is a bit difficult to understand.

Do you guys believe it or call it a false story?


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