Sony Xperia Z1 Red Caught in the Act While Running KitKat

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Red Xperia Z

Have you been waiting for the red hot Xperia Z1?

If yes, then this piece of content is worth reading.

A limited edition model of the Sony Xperia Z1 Red smartphone has just spotted on the web. It is also being said that the device has been seen with KitKat running.

It’s a bit strange to see Android 4.4 KitKat on this un-announced version of the Xperia lineup. However, anything is possible in this era of rumors. So you should not be shocked at all because even I am not.

One thing that I would like to emphasize is the allure of RED HOT Xperia Z1. The device looks immensely beautiful with this new color option. So this could be a nice chance for those who have not comfortable with the previously existing hues. Guys! Don’t miss it.

Unfortunately, there is no info available on when this pretty handset going to make an official appearance in front of Sony fans. As far as the OS version is concerned, the device is supposed to run the hottest Android v4.4.2 which is advanced than that running on the Nexus 5. So this is how Sony is taking advantage of the new operating system to enlighten their upcoming Sony Xperia Z1 red variant.

Please be informed that Sony has already declared publicly regarding their KitKat rollout to the Xperia series. Nevertheless, no exact date has been given so far. So we all need to wait until this phone comes out with an official announcement.

Source: Xperia Guide


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