Sony Xperia L And Xperia SP On Pre-Orders Thru Europe

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Sonya??s mid-range Sony Xpeia L and Xperia SP with aluminum beauty are now heading to Europe with great charm. Both of these devices have been released in different countries of the world and now finally coming to European users.

Recently announced, evista, evista, evista, evista, evista, evista. Sony Xperia L has shipped to some stores as users were screaming out for this tremendous Smartphone. There are many great devices that can make you feel proud, however, Sony is unique to provide its users with modish phones and tablets.

So if you want to look trendy, then Sonya??s Xperia series is ready to deliver you the best gadgets ever. Luckily, the European users now soon see both of these devices in stores because the pre-orders are now on the go.

Here are the detailed regarding these devices:

Sony Xperia L

If you reside within the United Kingdom and wish to purchase the Sony Xperia L, then get ready to spend A?234 as Clove is offering the device for this price. Bear in your mind that the device will be delivered in May.

Sony Xperia L coming to Europe along with Xperia SP

Similarly, Amazon Germany has set the device for a??300 and also the device is available Italy for the same price.

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In the Netherlands, you can get the Sony Xperia L for a??280 and the shipping is April 25. The device will also be available in other countries of the Europe and we will let you know about the details once we get a hand on them.

Sony Xperia SP

First of all, we would like to talk about the availability of the Sony Xperia SP in the United Kingdom via 3g UK. Well, the device will be live on April 30. It means you will not have to wait for so long in order to get the device timely.

The sale will be starting with white wine and the other black version of the Xperia SP will be available after a few days. Yet we do not have any information about pricing.

Clove will be offering the Sony Xperia SP black model on April 30. So those who wish to try their hands on the Black one should go to Clove on the set date. White model will be available for purchase on May 6. The price is A?323 for both the models.


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