Smartphone Users Reached to 1 billion – Report Says

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It may be shocking or interesting news for you, the number of Smartphone users increased over 1 Billion, and the figures come out after a new research.

The new figures included active users of Smartphone devices of different companies. According to analysts it is expected that after 16 years one person out of seven will be the user of the stylish Smartphone device.

CBC Reported – It is also estimated that Android and iOS both operating systems are looks equal in the majority Smart device users in shape of phones.

An analyst of this strategy named Scott Bicheno, he said that Nokia took the initial step to introduce the Smartphone in 1996 for the very first time. However, after this Apple chanced the style after launching their first device, iPhone, in 2007.

Now a large quantity of Smartphone users is using different companies’ Smart devices. HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Asus are on the hit list as they have introduced a large number of Smartphone devices with Android operating system.

On the other hand the contest between iOS and Android has become one of the important discussions among Smartphone makers.

Bicheno said, “The iPhone revolutionised smartphone design and it catalysed industry growth,”

According to assessments in 2011, there were 708 million Smartphone users in all over the world. Now only in one year ago the number of users reached to 1.038 billion and there is 2 months remaining in the ending of 2012, and the sales of Smartphone are increasing day by day as the companies are busy with introducing new devices every week.


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