Samsung Shipped 20 Million Units of Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Shipments

Samsung has won the hearts of people by introducing high-tech devices time and again. The Galaxy S3 was previous yeara??s flagship of the Korean giant and this year they have brought its bigger brother, GS4. It sports wonderful specs and features that a modern phone should have to serve its users in the righteous way.

“According to the recent reports, Samsung has shipped over 20 million units of their Galaxy S4 to date.”

You might have remembered that the same product hit 10 million figure in late May. Just after one month, the sales have reached to double which is awesome for the company. The product is selling very well all across the globe and there is no doubt in its overnight success. We would like mention here that Samsung Galaxy S3 took 100 days to reach 20 million. It means the GS4 is being sold 1.7 times faster than its younger sibling.

Analysts have forecasted that the Galaxy S4 will sell about 80 million units till the end of this year. Remember, the previous record of higher selling product is with Galaxy S III. Some people think carrying a bulky device is sometimes very problematic for them. Thata??s the reason why they opt for other pocket-friendly handsets. It would worth mentioning that the mini version of Galaxy S4 is available in the market and you can purchase it to satisfy your daily needs.

In modern days, a Smartphone is not just a communication device but it serves as a life companion. You can do everything using your phone because todaya??s phone has got every latest feature. Browse the internet to check out your email messages or even stay connected to loved ones through social media. An improved version of the S4 has come out recently with LTE-A technology. It offers super-fast internet connectivity beyond expectations.

However, this new version is available in South Korea at the moment. The day is not far when it will be available in rest of the Smartphone markets.


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