Samsung Revenue Hits Record $8.5b Profit for 2nd Quarter

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Samsung Revenue keeps on increasing with every single passing day. There are numerous important reasons behind the overnight success of the Korean giant. All these significant factors make them earn hefty revenue throughout the financial year.

“Now Samsung has announced a whopping $8.5 billion profit for the Quarter 2 and has beaten the previous record of $7.9 billion from previous quarter.”


This is a wonderful figure for the company as they might have not expected this for now. The recent Samsung revenue shows that no one can give a tough competition to their popular products available on the market. Although its competitors try to revamp their green days by introducing attractive offers and devices, yet it seems wasteful for all of them.

Sales of the Korean giant are rising up due to its products’ attention-grabbing design and high-tech features. If someone needs an Android smartphone, then Samsung is the brand name that comes into mind first. The company has built goodwill not only in the home market, but they are quite popular internationally.

The image given above shows the handsome Samsung revenue and it would not be pretty attractive for those who do not use its products. We neither oppose any particular brand nor support anyone. However, it is our responsibility to provide our dear visitors with the honest opinion based on facts and analysis.

It is obvious that Samsung and Apple have dominated the high-end smartphone market all around the world. Luckily, the former has also started introducing low-end devices for the average customers. To know more about the concerned matter, you may visit the source link given below.



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