Samsung Now Sells 6 Million Galaxy S4 Units and Breaks Its Own Record

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Samsung Sales record broken with GS4

You must remember the unavoidable victory of the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the company sold record units of its flagship last year. Users from around the world really appreciated such a super Smartphone and thata??s the reason behind its overnight success.

a??Well, now Samsung sales volume has been reached to a summit and the company has broken its own record of the previous yeara??s sales.a??

At the time of Galaxy S4a??s launch, we were sure about the instant success of this glorious handset. However, we really did not have any idea that the flagship would break ita??s predecessora??s sales record within a very short span of time. Both the Galaxy S3 and S4 have got a wonderful prestige across the globe and it is the earnest desire of almost every gadget lover to have any of these superb phones.

Samsung Sales record of Galaxy S4 broken

Despite of the great opposition from its competitors, Samsung sales volume has managed to hit the top level. If you do not compromise on the quality and efficiency of phones, then GS4 can be a tremendously fantastic device.

a??The Korean giant manufacturer shipped more than 6 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S4 by the last Friday.a??

The company has recorded a record sale during the past few weeks. Well, this is a wonderful achievement for the Korean manufacturer and all its lovers. We must accept that the company is making progress by leaps and bounds all around the world. People like to use its products and appreciate its work.

Galaxy S4 Sales Goes up

Let us inform you that the GS3 took only 21 days to reach its 3 million milestone, and the GS2 took 55 days. Similarly, the original Samsung Galaxy S got a figure of 3 million sales after 85 days from its release date.

Fortunately, the Galaxy S4 has broken all the records and Samsung Sales boost up to a great extent. The handset has given a very tough competition to its competitor devices.

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