Samsung Galaxy S5 Sales a?? 35 Million Shipments Expected

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Samsung always break its own sales records whenever a new flagship is rolled out in the market. The company has been doing this since they launched the Galaxy S3 and the practice is on the go again with Samsung Galaxy S5 sales.

It has never happened when the manufacturer expected a little lower from their newly launched flagship device. Thata??s the reason why the Korean giant grabbed the attention of world users.

samsung galaxy s5

When this was announced, a general perception was that the S5 will not offer anything except for what its predecessor offered. However, now as the new flagship smartphone has hit the store shelves it is amazing to see a crazy increase in the sales.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 sales have gone through a large gateway. The company has enjoyed good fruits at the early stage of product sales. There is a huge demand for the device because its mesmerizing features like heart rate monitor and finger print scanner make people think of having this time and again.

A report from South Korea says that Samsung expects to get 35 million Samsung Galaxy S5 sales in the first quarter of producta??s launch. The numbers are quite impressive and hopefully the company will achieve its target without facing any troubles.

The first quarter is currently going in the favor of the Korean giant. Anyhow, we cannot say anything for sure about whether the manufacturer would see the desires coming true or not. Currently it is being said that the sales numbers will double in the upcoming days. Do you conform to what folks say nowadays?

We will keep a track of Samsunga??s performance and will be back to you with anything worth mentioning. So stay tuned with us to know more in this regard.

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