Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch – Now Available Globally

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Samsung Galaxy S5 launch event

What day is today? Is it April 11th?


Its Samsung Galaxy S5 launch day as the Korean giant promised to make this product officially available across the world. People might have been waiting for this moment for so long and now they do not want to wait anymore as their much-awaited phone is finally on the market shelves.

galaxy s5

The flagship smartphone makes its way to your neighborhood with Fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and many other goodies that users expected (demanded I would say).

What does it take when someone start dreaming for something special?

It takes nothing except for a few precious moments of life. I think one should not stop dreaming because it does not suck their wallet and gives meaning to life instead. Those who dreamed for the Samsunga??s hottest smartphone will not be embarrassed because the device is now being made available in different parts of the world.

One thing that most people are concerned about is the price which goes steep and dona??t seem to be coming down nearby. Depending upon the huge pre-order volume, the manufacturer will not squeeze price. However, there is a probability to see a price drop after a couple of weeks from the release.

The new big thing comes with spicy and juicy stuff that users always love to enjoy. The contour is crafted very elegantly to provide a soothing site to your eyes. Currently things are in the rumor mill that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in two different variants including the Quad-Core and Octa-Core versions.

The Octa core (8 processor) edition will rock on when it comes to speeds. If you wish to enjoy a super-fast blazing performance on the go, then this will be a better option to select. On the contrary, the Quad-Core (4 processor) version is also not a bad thing to try out. It gives you much more at a price less than the former.


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