Samsung Galaxy S5 on Fire Now, a Factory Got Burnt

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The current era is filled with the hottest Samsung Galaxy S5 news because this new flagship smartphone from the Korean Giant has dominated the other recent launches. Although the product is not currently available in stock anywhere in the world, yet people are placing pre-orders to get the new Galaxy first.


It is an open secret that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a hot mobile phone and now it proves itself to be hotter.

The device is too hot that now it puts the entire factory on fire.

For your information, the factory that was contracted to build the PCBs for Samsung’s latest smartphone just happened to face a severe loss of $1 billion.

Accidental fire caused this major loss to company and now the situation seems to be in control.

This was not a small mishap as 287 firefighters along with 80 fire vehicles were called up to deal with the situation. So keeping the above figures in mind you can imagine the severity of the condition.


The loss of $1 billion was actually the equipment damage that the factory had to bear as a result of fire.

You are not required to get anxious because the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will not be delayed at all. The company is going to get PCBs from other companies in charge.

Just to remind you, the S5 is going to hit the store shelves on 11th of April. So keep your pockets ready because the manufacturer cannot put up with any delays. We have also observed in the past that Samsung loves to keep its promises.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 on fire issue has made people think over and over again about its timely release.

Do you really think that this sudden incident will cause delay in the Galaxy S5 release?

Put your thoughts below and make us think too!

Source: Aisa News Agency I Via: Android Spin


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