Samsung Galaxy S4 Video Teaser Released

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samsung galaxy s4 video released

We are all waiting for the next Samsung flagship very eagerly. As we have told you earlier that 14th March has been set for the launch event. The Samsung Galaxy S4 would be released in New York instead of London.

You would not have to wait for so long in order to check out the stylish appearance of upcoming S4 because the company is going to announce this awesome device soon.

A teaser video trailer has been released for enlightening the enthusiasm of Galaxy lovers. Well, the Samsung Galaxy S4 video shows something inquisitive and no part of the Smartphone has been unveiled.

A short clip entails a young boy getting the Samsunga??s 2013 unpacked box. He is strongly advised not to disclose the box in front of any other person because it is a top secret. The boy takes that particular box to his home and refuses to tell his mate about whata??s inside.

This all shows the curiosity that the users must be feeling right now ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event. People of the New York City are enthusiastically waiting for the next weeka??s event because it is going to reveal the most happening gadget of the year.

Just like the previous version of Galaxy family, the next flagship is expected to open more doors of success for the company. The Samsung Galaxy S4 video teaser clip has been posted by a Korean company. They have tried to give something more excited to this highly-anticipated Smartphone.

We cannot say anything for sure about the number of clips that might get released ahead of its launch. However, the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 video is no less than a great helping hand that would enhance the popularity of this lovely device.

The phone was not announced at MWC, but it is going to make an official appearance on March 14.

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