Samsung Galaxy S4 to Hit 10 Million Sales Coming Week

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Galaxy S4 Sales goes up

The Galaxy S4 has become a world-famous device of the present times and now people have become even more passionate about having this sort of useful Smartphone. This is why the Galaxy S4 sales have risen up to a great level.

Just like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 success story is known to everyone. The fourth-generation Smartphone of Galaxy series obtained 6 million sales only in two weeks from its launch date. With the rising Galaxy S4 sales, the previous record of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been broken.

Samsunga??s Co-CE0 JK Shin has said that they are very confident to pass 10 million Galaxy S4 sales in the coming week.

It can be very irritating for a person to use a Smartphone that cannot provide the desired results. Thata??s the reason why most of the users prefer using the reliable handsets like Samsung Galaxy phones. Although, Apple has a good reputation in the marketplace, yet others feel pleasure in using the Samsunga??s Android phones.

samsung galaxy s4 sales record

The Korean giant has kicked all other companies by dominating the Google Android market. There must be numerous reasons for the overnight success of this company, well most credit goes to appearance and useful features.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 sales are expected to hit the figure of 10 million which will be another record. It would be hard for the competitors to break this record because no one can claim to sell such a huge volume of products.

This time sale turnover is faster than previous Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 took 50 days to reach the digit of 10 million. On the other hand, this yeara??s flagship will break its predecessora??s record in less than a month. It means Samsung is making progress day by day and leaving its competitors behind.

While announcing the predictions of GS4 sales, JK Shin also hinted about the next generation Galaxy Note phablet with a 5.9 inch display.


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