Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Support a 5.9” Display, Rumored

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is only six months old at present, but the rumors regarding the next generation Note have already begun to make its rounds.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is said to have a 5.9-inch big display with a stylish look. A Korean source has revealed this information with quite confidence. The news turns out to be based on reality because several opinions go in its favor.

samsung galaxy note 3 rumored

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also expected to come out with some astonishing things such as an AMOLED display and it is also assumed to have an octa-core processors. You might be feeling awesome after knowing about these astonishing things.

Well, take the above data with a pinch of salt because the information is not from the official source. However, we are looking forward the original data based on facts. Meanwhile, the company is going to launch its next flagship in the New York city on March 14.

We must let you know that the current month is very significant for Samsung because its major device is to be launched in its mid. Users from all around the world are sticking their eyes on the upcoming event. We will provide you the complete information about Samsung’s new devices.

Nevertheless, there will be several hot rumors in the near future until the company makes any official announcement regarding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

To know more about the concerned matter, you may visit The Korea Times.


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