Samsung Galaxy F Purported Images Leak Online

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Galaxy F logo

Users have been tinkering around to see the next phone from the world famous Korean giant. It seems that now they do not need to wander here and there with a unique imagination and idea in the mind.

Samsung Galaxy F is the recently leaked smartphone sporting a classy metal body and a number of other interesting features.

The Galaxy F is said to be the manufacturera??s premium smartphone series consisting of metal body phones. The device under discussion is currently the hot cake for the entire smartphone industry.

Galaxy F1

What you see in this post are the alleged images of the purported Samsung Galaxy F which looks quite impressive at first sight. It seems that Sam has just turned up after seeing the huge success of the LGa??s G3 phablet. Although LGa??s handset does not feature a metallic body, yet it looks quite near to the metallic.

That could be the reason why Samsung wants to do something extraordinary with its new metal finish mobile phones. If you see the back design of the Samsung Galaxy F, it looks pretty much similar to the LG G3. Samsung, being the crownless king of the tech industry, cannot digest the success of its other home competitor.


The device also looks quite akin to the companya??s hottest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5. We can clearly see the Galaxy S5 logo on the screen which ensures the existence of the device. We really cana??t say that ita??s a mobile phone based on the Tizen operating system, because the a??Powered by Androida?? logo kills the ambiguity. So expect this phone to run on the hottest Android KitKat OS version.

Nothing can be said for sure about the genuineness of these images because Samsung has not confirmed anything so far.


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