Samsung Creates 8 of the 10 Most Widely Used Android Devices

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Samsung Android relationship is credible as both of these tech giants have dominated the entire market. The former manufactures dozens of new devices every year and the operating system is always android.

Google Android also considers Samsung as one of their close partners. Thata??s the reason that every device comes and just rolls over the others. We have seen several devices from this world-famous manufacturer and all of them go higher with the passage of time.

You must be getting curious about this unbreakable association of these two companies. I would not be wrong by saying that Samsung has become the ruler of android market. A recent report shows the astonishing facts and this again goes in favor of the company.

A report from the mobile analytics shows that Samsung is manufacturing 8 of the top 10 Android devices used worldwide. This is an absolutely tremendous achievement for the mega giant. The chart above shows the real charismatic charm for this company.

Samsung taking hold of the android market share

As expected, the Samsunga??s recent flagship Galaxy S3 is at top of the list to serve the entire android community. Again its sibling Galaxy S2 is on the number second to grab the attention of users. Similarly, the list goes on up to the 8th level where the Samsung keeps hold of the Googlea??s mobile operating system.

The mid-range phone known as Galaxy Ace is also on number 3 to entertain the Googlea??s mobile operating system lovers. However, if you want to know about the complete list of top ten devices, then it is advisable to check out the graph image placed above. It can give you a clear idea of the issue.

One thing which really matters is the Samsunga??s share in the Android community. Stat says that the company holds a whopping 47% of the entire android market share. It shows that Samsung Android would not leave one another soon.



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