Presidential Debate on Android Smartphones

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Are you interested in American politics?

Do you have an android phone?

Do you want to keep updating with US Election 2012?

If the answer of these three questions is YES!!! It will be good news for you that you will remain updated with all updates of US Election 2012 and the presidential debate between the candidates for the seat of US President.

There are three different platforms are providing these services for presidential debate on android phone named as YouTube, Ustream and NPR in the list hit list to provide information about US presidential debate.

Presidential Debate on Android Phone by YouTube:

You can see ABC News streaming on YouTube, this YouTube app for android phone will remain up-to-date with you if you want to watch the full stream of the presidential debate. You would like to stir up your browser of choice and you can directly access to the ABC News.

Presidential Debate on Android Phone by Ustream:

If you have no access to YouTube as this site is blocked in some countries, you can use the Ustream app on your Android phone to watch all presidential debates. You will be able to watch all streaming live broadcast courtesy of PBS. The Ustaram app is capable to work on your Android phone as well as on your tablet.

Presidential Debate on Android Phone by NPR:

If above given two sources would not work on your android phone you can use the third one app named NPR to listen presidential debate live streaming on your Android phone. It will work via radio and you can simply read all highlights of the debate between the presidential candidates.

The above given apps can easily download from the Google app store, if you have not existed these YouTube, Ustream or NPR app on your Android phone. It will be such like a gift for you if you are a busy person and keep updated yourself about US election by your Android device.



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