Pantech Vega to Include a New 5-inch Smartphone in December

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Several mobile phone manufacturers are striving hard to be on top of the piles. This is obvious that Samsung is ruling the Android world and have introduced several top-notch smartphones over the last year. However, some other great manufacturers also want to be known all around the world and Pantech is a famous name among them.

Pantech Vega 5 inch smartphone

The Pantech is said to be focused on a new flagship smartphone in their Vega lineup. The new device is rumored to have a 5-inch HD touchscreen display along with a predominant fingerprint scanner. People of the present times prefer to have devices with foolproof security plan and thata??s the reason why users like to have smartphones with fingerprint scanner.

Pantech Vega Secret Note teaser

Sad thing about this technology is that some tech smarters have found the way to break up fingerprint scanners. This is what makes finger print scanners a bit notorious among users. Though this specific technology has become doubtful nowadays, yet people like to get a smartphone with a built-in scanner.

Good thing about this technology is that a new eye-scanner is expected to come with the upcoming Galaxy smartphone. Samsung seems to be fully determined with their idea of bringing an eye scanner in front of its fans. So if you have been looking for a guaranteed protection, then be patient and wait for March 2014.A? Pantech vega lineup can become more attractive with the addition of new handsets.

There is no exact release date available up to now, however, the new Pantech VegaA? is expected to out sometime in December. We are looking forwards to see more informative stuff from the company and will share with you as soon as grab anything important. So stay in touch with is to know more in this regard.

Whata??s your opinion about this fingerprint scanner? Do you prefer to purchase Pantecha??s upcoming phone?

source: ETnews

via: TalkAndroid


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