Optimus G2 Image Leaks Out

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Optimus G2 image

LG has become one of the most reliable mobile device manufacturer across the world. People have become addicted to the efficient and modern Smartphones of this company. Well, a new mysterious devicea??s image has been leaked out on the internet.

a??Optimus G2 is the new alleged Smartphone that has appeared on the web along with a few specs.a??

This secretive handset appears to have a new stylish design with the unavailability of front-facing buttons. Currently, we cannot say anything for sure about the availability or specs of the suspected Smartphone.

Some of the users say that this would be a successor to the LG Optimus G and some of them consider it as a Nexus Device. However, LG fans are quite happy on this new rumored phone as they have been looking for such sort of device for so long.

Once again, Evleaks has done it and they have brought the secretive images in front of tech lovers. We can expect this would be a base-model of the next Nexus 5, since the LG Optimus G was the base of Nexus 4. The company is expected to sustain its trend by following the previous practices in future.

Ita??s good to see a device without buttons as it will help users to enjoy the real freedom of touch. If you love to use touchscreen devices, then this is going to be a reliable one for you. In spite of the dead blue screen, the Optimus G2 looks pretty attractive unlike average Smartphones.

The Korea Times also mentioned a few important things about the supposed Nexus 5, and the writer appeared to be confident about what he said. The specs include Snapdragon 800 CPU that includes 4k ultra HD video recording. We also expect to have a flexible OLED display.

The Optimus G2 will give a touch competition to all of its rivals. We are keeping an eye on the further information regarding this device. So stay in touch with us to know more.



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