OnePlus Two is currently in the Works a?? Rumors

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We have just been in a state of shock to see the OnePlus Onea??s mesmerizing specs and features at a reasonable price tag. The device is currently available in a number of global markets, not entirely. Though it has some of the most gorgeous specifications that you might have ever seen in a high-end smartphone of the modern age.

Now the rumors suggest that the OnePlus Two is also going to be the next big thing from the same manufacturer.

Majority of the people think that the OnePlus One is still quite a new handset available nowadays. However, the glimpse of the next generation smartphone tells another new story. It is necessary to disclose that people are striving to get the invitations so that they can manage to get the One. Sadly, many of them are still in the wait queue. News of the OnePlus Two Lettuce launch has made us think over and over again.

Dona??t be too much excited because this is just a rumor now, anyhow, this could turn out as something real in the coming days. So cana??t say anything for sure as when the OnePlus Two lettuce is going to make its official debut. Thata??s the reason patience is always the right way to opt for, whenever this sort of situation arises.

What gives strength to this alleged news is the source that made its way out to the internet. Yep, I am talking about @evleaks that has always been the gateway of all the upcoming big things. Therefore, we presume that this particular rumor will not go wasted just as a fantasy. Keep your fingers crossed until more info pops out on the web.

Source: @evleaks


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