OnePlus One Camera Clicks Leak Online

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one plus one camera

What you see above is the recently leaked snapshot from the OnePlus One camera 13MP Sony’s Exmor powered camera. First we thought that it would deliver stunning quality photographs, but this image seems to be the final version of what we all expected in this cam.

Most of you guys might have anticipated a lot more than this. To be honest I am not really impressed with the image samples because they do not look like something astonishing. The camera characteristics seem to include f/2.0 aperture and a crazy six-lens setup.

Though the photographs are not that catchy, yet they are capable of being shared on the internet. The manufacturer must have heard of great praise after sending these images out.

Different manufacturers have launched flagship smartphones with amazing cameras and one of these include Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, LG G Pro 2 and a few others. They offer vibrant photographs in order to provide the best possible satisfaction to users.

If the OnePlus One camera had to impress users with its snapper quality, then it should have been something that refer to the next level. Anyhow, if you suppose to enjoy a better quality picture with a decent phone, then this upcoming OnePlus One camera could be a wise option to select.

Via: Android Central


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