One Rotten Apple Blemishes the Smartphone Market

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android-vs-appleApple is spoiling the atmosphere of Smartphone market from a past few months. The main rival of Apple is the Samsung because its legal war is still on the go. Both of these opponents are giving arguments and evidences against each other.

A few days back, the jury has ordered the Samsung to pay heavy fines to Apple for the patent infringements. This was very alarming for the entire Samsung incorporation because they had to pay a large amount of money as a fine.

After a huge fine, Apple wants Samsung to stop selling its prestigious Smartphones in the united states. This can be ridiculous because Samsung is doing a great job by providing users with such great devices. You must remember that Samsung Galaxy S3 which is a flagship Smartphone of the company is also asked by Apple to be banned.

The devices being added to the patent lawsuit are:Samsung-vs-Apple

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Galax Note

The entire Smartphone market is disturbed due to the avaricious attitude of Apple. Everyone knows that Apple is not a minor name in the world of Smartphone and tablets. This is not suitable for this big manufacturer to raise issues on such little things.

If the jury orders the Samsung to ban selling its specific devices, Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note, in the United States, then this would be very adverse to the company. Well, the jury has not declared a final decision regarding this matter. I must say that Apple seems to be jealous of Samsung’s overnight success. That’s why they are making bogus  statements against Samsung and Android.

Not only the Samsung but, Apple is also against the Google Android. I think that the Apple is now coming to disturb Android after beating the Samsung.

All other manufacturers such as BlackBerry, Motorola and HTC do not have any problem with Samsung or Android are doing. Only Apple goes after Samsung for nothing but envy.


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