Nokia Normandy – All that you need to Know

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Is Nokia working on an Android phone?

Nokia Normandy Concept

If all the current rumors and gossips turn out to be true, then soon we are going to see Nokia Normandy, a new phone from Nokia with Android OS.

The new smartphone based on the Google’s mobile operating system is expected to be unveiled on the Mobile World Congress. It is worth telling here that the so-called Normandy will be the first-ever Android phone manufactured by the Finnish hardware maker.

We have seen numerous leaks over the last couple of weeks suggesting different options for the upcoming gadget. Different concepts have been disclosed as to what we should expect from the Finland tech giant. Though several things are debatable, yet one thing that we agree upon is the awesome software interface.

This news is of great interest for those who have been screaming out for Android-based Nokia phone.

Nokia Normandy android phone release date not declared so far

As far as our perceptions are concerned, Nokia must be opting for Android OS on their smartphones in order to make room for their gadgets among Android lovers. Majority of the consumers do not want to mess up everywhere with Windows. For instance, you might not like to use the same operating system on your laptop/PC as well as smartphone.

Therefore, people need change in terms of technology and cannot put up with similar things everywhere. This could be the key that Nokia thought to use for reaching the summit of mobile phone market. Please be reminded that the company has yet to announce the device officially.  We will be back to you as soon as get any authentic information in this regard.


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